Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here are the pages that were found in the envelopes from the previous post. Unfortunately, I left them on the table after taking my pictures and I believe someone threw them away. Thinking they were just scraps.
Update: They didn't get thrown away, I had put them in another part of the book.

My guess is that these first three items are documenting the accident and other important information.

Thought it was time to write you about the insurance check we have no as yet received. Your driver Carl G. backed into our door July 26 if you will recall us being at your place in regard to such. From there you sent us the the Body shop to get an estimate as to the cost of repairs and from there to your insurance adjuster. Your adjuster came down and looked at the damage and O.K. the bill and said everything was alrite and taken care. We were to receive a check at our home in a short time. To-day it was been two weeks and two days and we have not heard a word. Therefore we thought it time to notify you folks, as after all that's why one pays their insurance to take care of such mishaps as these. Expecting to hear from someone within the next weeks - I thank you.
Your's truly, Norman

This is his receipt for the repairs

This is a letter in response to the letter that Norman wrote them.

This is a note acknowledging they're payment to Norman.

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